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An ordinary taxi driver who becomes entangled with a customer that turns out to be a serial killer.

Oh Taek (Lee Sung-min) is a naïve but cheerful buffoon. He drives a taxi in Seoul to repay a stupendous debt he acquired through no fault of his own when he got scammed at his previous job. 

Though misfortune seems to be his current mistress — on the account of the debt, he did time in prison, his wife left him, and his two children look down upon him — Taek’s lively and benevolent spirit remained intact. 

He’s a selfless, jolly man who’s simply incapable of facing his flaws that continue to hit him in the head every day. 

He always assumes the best of people, which is exactly what lands him in trouble when he picks up a young doctor named Geum Hyeok-soo (Yoo Yeon-Seok).

Geum needs a long-distance ride to Mokpo and is willing to pay extra to get there. At first, Taek declines the offer, but through his passenger’s persuasiveness and the amount of dough he knows he can’t refuse, he eventually agrees to take him. Soon, he’ll realize what a giant mistake he made. 

Once on their way, and after some off-putting jokes about murder, Geum tells Taek that he’s, in fact, a serial killer who wants to share his “origin story.” 

Naturally, our hero freaks out and tries to bail immediately, but Geum threatens him with such an elaborate plan of killing his family that he’s left with no choice but to drive and listen. 

And what he has to hear about severed fingers, master manipulation, and despicable murders is really just a taste of something much darker that’s rapidly headed his way — in addition to the grieving mother who’s following Geum ever since he killed her son.

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