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Drake sex tape leaked by a close friend while he was on cam

 Drake isn’t a ‘legend’ for his leaked sex tape – he’s a victim

Now, with all that in mind, look to Drake. The rapper has become embroiled in a “leaked sex tape” storm after footage of him apparently engaging in a solo sex act was put online on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

Drake’s friend – Kick streamer Adin Ross, who has appeared in videos with the rapper before – sent him a voice memo about the clip. I’d probably do the same, if one of my female friends had been caught up in the same devastating situation.

Except that… in the recording shared on social media, Ross says: “We was just looking at the s**. It’s like crazy bro, like god damn.

Drake’s reaction, according to Ross? No shock, horror, humiliation here (at least, not in public): but eight laughing emojis, and the promise that he might just use the streamer’s voice note as his “next album intro”.

Now, it’s important to point out that we can’t possibly know what Drake really thinks of what’s been allegedly leaked, as he hasn’t responded publicly – but the difference in reaction from his “squad” makes me deeply uncomfortable. 

Not to mention the discussions currently happening online, with some suggesting that he shouldn’t be upset as the video was “flattering”, and others even speculating that he released the video himself for publicity.

It also makes me aware, once again, of just how differently men and women experience the world online. 

Drake is praised, held up as some kind of legend, his body commented on as a result – but he’s a victim, and should be treated with the sympathy and gentleness that he deserves.



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