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Madou Media, which made indecent videos makes tens of millions of dollars, faced arrest

Madou Media, which made indecent videos and made tens of millions of dollars, faced arrest: Please let me put on my clothes first

This is the cry of the actress when a company called Madou Media was raided and arrested by the police for allegedly filming indecent videos and illegally making tens of millions of profits.

What exactly does this company do? What happened to these actresses? Who are these indecent videos affecting?

From formal media to pornographic production

Madou Media was originally a formal media company. Its main business was shooting videos for celebrities, Internet celebrities, etc. It had excellent photographers and production teams and achieved good results.

However, after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2019, the company suffered a huge impact, its business volume dropped sharply, and it faced the crisis of losses and bankruptcy.

In order to survive and develop, the company decided to transform and opened a late-night live broadcast platform in Taiwan Province , using hot female anchors to attract audience rewards and provide offline meet-and-greet services.

The company quickly made a lot of money amid the Taiwanese provincial government's lax control over online live streaming .

However, after the epidemic broke out again in 2020, Taiwan Province also began to implement blockades and control measures, and the company's live broadcast business was hit again.

As a result, the company came up with a more dangerous and sinful idea: using its original shooting technology and resources, it began to shoot indecent videos and sell and disseminate them online.

The company contacted some photographers and actors it had worked with in the past and lured them to join in the filming of indecent videos with high rewards.

Most of these girls have no idea about the real situation of the company, and they just came to the company with the mentality of becoming stars or making money to support their families.

When they found out that the content they were about to shoot was an indecent video, some girls chose to leave or resist, but some gave in because they were greedy for money or were threatened.

In this way, the company shot hundreds of indecent videos in two years, with tens of millions of views, and illegal profits exceeding tens of millions of yuan.

These indecent videos not only violated the personality and dignity of the actresses, but also seriously polluted the online space and social atmosphere, causing a huge negative impact on the majority of netizens and young people.

Actresses from dreams to nightmares

Among the actresses who filmed indecent videos in Madou Media, some are stars or internet celebrities they have worked with before, and some are ordinary girls recruited from society.

Some of them originally came to Madou Media with the dream of becoming stars or Internet celebrities , hoping to show their talent and charm through shooting videos and win fans and attention.

Some of them initially came to Madou Media with the mentality of making money to support their families , hoping to earn a high income by shooting videos and improve the lives of themselves and their families

No matter what their original purpose was when they came to Madou Media, they never imagined that they would fall into an abyss from which they could not extricate themselves.

They were shocked and horrified when they discovered that what they were about to film was an indecent video. Some girls choose to leave or resist, but others give in because they are greedy for money or are threatened.

Little did they know that their videos would be widely circulated and viewed, becoming the playthings and laughing stock of countless people.

They do not know that their reputation and dignity will be destroyed and become a shame and stain on society.

They don't know that their families, relatives and friends will be harmed, causing irreparable trauma and estrangement.

They don't know that their physical and mental health will be destroyed and become incurable diseases and wounds.

By the time they realized all this, it was too late.

When the police suddenly appeared at Madou Media's filming scene, they really felt the fear and despair.

They tried to escape but were restrained by the police.

They wanted to cry, but they were laughed at.

They tried to beg for mercy but were ignored.

They want to wear clothes, but are being filmed.


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