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Dutch Footballer Quincy Promes Re-Arrested In Dubai

Netherlands Police in Dubai have again arrested Dutch national football player, Quincy Promes.

The footballer is considered a fugitive in the Netherlands due to a drug trafficking conviction in February.

He was arrested because of an urgent bulletin the Netherlands issued via INTERPOL to alert other countries that he was a wanted man, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced.

The Netherlands plans to file for his extradition.

Promes was initially arrested late last month in connection with a hit-and-run car crash. The footballer was caught when he showed up at the Dubai airport intending to catch a flight out of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Soon after, the Dutch authorities said they would begin discussing the possibility of extradition, but Promes was allowed to leave his jail cell while awaiting the legal system’s next stepsThe 32-year-old was taken back into custody “after constructive cooperation between the authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Netherlands,” the OM announced.

“The arrest was made based on a Red Notice issued by the NetherlandsAfter his release, Promes was reportedly posting photos and videos on social media, showing him enjoying his freedom in Dubai’s nightlife. 

He was accused of showing his lack of regard for the Dutch criminal cases in which he was convicted in absentia.

“The arrested man was reportedly staying in luxury in Dubai according to various media reports. However, he has been taken into custody thanks to the efforts of the authorities in both countries,” Dutch prosecutors said. 

The OM stated it would not disclose more information to protect an ongoing investigation.

Promes was arrested in December 2020 after allegedly stabbing his cousin at a family gathering. Investigators alleged he admitted to this during phone calls which were tapped. 

While awaiting trial, he left Amsterdam football club Ajax and was signed by Spartak Moscow. He never appeared in court for the assault, but was represented by attorneys. 

He was convicted and sentenced to 1.5 years in prison last June, but will appeal the caseA month earlier, prosecutors announced they would also put him on trial for importing 1,362 kilograms of cocaine spread out over two consignments that arrived at the Port of Antwerp at the same time on a single ship. 

He was convicted in that case in February, and was sentenced to six years in prison.He seems to think he is untouchable in Russia or abroad,” the prosecutor said during the trial.

Promes arrived in Dubai in January to train with his Russian football team. Weeks after he arrived, the District Court of Amsterdam issued its verdict in the drug trafficking case. 

The Netherlands then notified Interpol, who issued the Red Notice. Police in the UAE were somewhat unclear, saying that Promes was taken into custody by border control police at the Dubai airport for the Interpol notice, but also the hit-and-run crash.

Later, a sports reporter in Russia said it was rumored Promes would quickly rejoin Spartak Moscow in Russia. Authorities in the UAE were rumored to be under intense pressure by Russian officials to release the footballer.

The Netherlands and the UAE signed an extradition treaty in 2021, less than two years after Dutch organized crime boss Ridouan Taghi was arrested in Dubai after he spent years on the run. 

Taghi was handed over to Dutch authorities within days. The bilateral extradition deal was formally approved by the lower house of Dutch parliament in 2022, and the upper house this past summer. It took effect on August 1.


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