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Iron Reign Download Movie Full

 Joaquín Manchado rules his drug empire from Barcelona's seaport with an iron fist, until a new shipment sends business and family spiraling.

Iron Reign Download Movie Full

A worker at the port nervously gets changed, and puts two small blocks of cocaine in his coat. As he walks out in the rain, he’s intercepted by men working for Joaquín Manchado (Eduard Fernández), who runs the port’s main terminal. He knows the worker, the son of one of a confidant, has been skimming from him, and, after his thugs beat him senseless and force booze down his throat, the hook-handed Manchado tells the worker that he should know, from his family history working at the port, that skimming from the boss is an unforgivable sin.

As we see Manchado work his way through the port on another day, he makes sure that the critically important shipment that’s coming will be brought in without any hiccups. 

He makes sure his son Ricardo (Enric Auquer), who has a gambling problem, is on his A game for the shipment. 

His daughter Rocío (Natalia de Molina) also works at the port; her husband Néstor (Jaime Lorente) works there as the head of customs; Manchado makes sure the workers inspecting the cargo are well-taken care of.

There’s a backup because one of the main cranes is down; Manchado wants to make sure its operational when the shipment comes in, and one of the operators, Víctor Julve (Chino Darín), assures him that he can get it running if the part comes back in. 

In order to expedite this, Manchado asks a competitor to use a part from his crane, blackmailing him with an explicit video when the competitor says no.

Iron Reign Download Movie Full


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