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Huawei Takes Solar Solutions To Kano

 Huawei, one of the leading global vendors of digital power products and solutions has unveiled its range of smart solar products to power industries, businesses and residential homes in Kano, Nigeria during its comprehensive product launch across the country.

At the launch of the smart solar products called FusionSolar, recently in Kano, the director of Huawei Digital Power Nigeria, Ni Zhilin, stated that renewable energy is the sustainable and smart energy choice for Nigeria, and “is becoming a major source of energy across the world.

Zhilin, who noted that Nigeria remains the largest generator importer, explained that with the recent increase in electricity tariff, and price of diesel jumping from N280 per litre in 2022 to N1300 in 2024, it has become necessary for Nigerians to embrace solar energy solution as the current approach is not sustainable.

Furthering the discourse, the chairman of the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (MAN), Bompai/Jigawa Branch, Mohammed Bello Umar, bemoaned the impact of the energy challenges and its associated effect on manufacturing in Nigeria.He added that operational disruption, supply chain disruption due to energy shortage in certain regions leading to unavailability of raw materials, reduced market competition, and low investment and business expansion, are other negative consequences of energy challenges to the manufacturing industry.

“To address these challenges, it requires a combination of strategies, including investing in energy efficient technologies, diversifying energy sources, optimising energy supply chains for reliability and advocating for supportive energy policies”, he asserted.


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