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Newly married lady cries out as husband tells her he is not ready for marriage

A newly married Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her heartbreaking experience just two weeks into her marriage accuses her of forcing him against his will

The young woman whose identity remains undisclosed took to Facebook to express her anguish after her husband reportedly accused her of forcing him into marriage against his will

The distraught lady went on share her harrowing ordeal, detailing how her husband confronted her with claims that she had pushed him into marriage prematurely.According to her account, her husband told her point-blank that he was not ready for marriage and accused her of forcing the whole thing on him.

“My husband sits me down 2 weeks after wedding and said (you forced the whole thing on me I’m not ready to settle down,” the heartbroken lady said.

The lady’s public cry for help has elicited an outpouring of sympathy and support from netizens, many of whom have condemned the husband’s actions and offered words of encouragement to the distressed wife.Netizens Reactions…

Queen Ama Bekui said; “Let him go now before he wastes the rest of your years with pain and agony. Marriage is for people who want to stay married..”

Shedrack Daniel said; “Body go tell you for that marriage, oti clear, kayamata don expire for oga eye.”

Jaclyn Duru said; “So many women coarsed, tricked, hoodwinked and manipulated their husbands into marrying them. Some used pregnancy, some used family connection/intimidation and harassment and some used charms like kayamata etc.. No matter what happens in that kind of marriage, any day the man realizes himself he will run away.”

Jaclyn Duru added; “Telling a man you are pregnant for him when you are not and he married you cos of that, it is fraud and the lady will have herself to blame.”

Chinwe Doris Achusim Opia said; “My husbands language those days but we are 16yrs today with so much struggle, it took the last of my patience to get here, it’s not easy 000000, I pray yours work out for you.”

Shuker Etukakpan said; “Am so sorry to say this….. Things like this I hardly contribute but,,, that is not a husband he’s a fool….. He saw something and followed…. Now he’s no longer seeing it…

So if he was actually forced he’s still a fool.

Marriage is an agreement…….”

Kezzy Fem said; “That marriage will not go far.”

Priscy Milena said; ” make she just leave, the earlier the better.”


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